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CEBS Compliance Requirement 

CEBS has introduced a universal Compliance requirement for all holders of the CEBS credential—past, present and future graduates of both the U.S. and Canadian CEBS programs.

What does this mean for you?
It means that the professional development activities you are already doing—for professional enrichment, to maintain a license or designation, or just to stay up-to-date—can be formally recognized for contributing to the professional currency that CEBS graduates are known for.

The intent of the Compliance program is to reward and recognize those who continue their efforts to keep up-to-date with the diverse and constantly evolving employee benefits field, and to provide a standard for CEBS graduates to publicize their Compliant status to the industry they serve. There is no expiration or revocation policy for the CEBS credential for noncompliance with the requirement.

As a Society member, you have access to a variety of educational activities that you can apply towards your CPE requirements including:

• ISCEBS Symposium

• ISCEBS local chapter programs

• Annual Fellowship course (U.S. or Canada) 

• Educational activities sponsored by the International Foundation

• CEBS courses (U.S. or Canada) beyond those completed to earn your designation.

Other activities you pursue for maintaining a related designation may also qualify.

Visit to learn more about the CEBS Compliance requirement.  Familiarity with this information will help you be sure you're earning and reporting your credits correctly.  If you prefer, a printable/downloadable version of the Compliance catalog is available, or you can request a copy in the mail.

Questions? Contact CEBS at or 800-449-2327, option 3.

Get all the details about Continuing Professional Education (CPE) at

You can download the CEBS Compliance Catalog here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Will my CEBS designation expire or be revoked?
A - There is no revocation or expiration policy for non-compliance. It is intended to recognize and reward ongoing continuing education activities.
Q - Does CEBS Compliance replace ISCEBS Fellowship?
A - No. The ISCEBS Fellowship program is not affected by the new Compliance program. The requirements for Fellowship remain the same.
Q - Does the Fellowship exam count for Compliance credit?
A - Yes. Passing the Fellowship exam earns 15 CEBS Compliance credits per track. Completing both tracks will earn 30 credits.
Q - Can I earn Compliance credit for courses completed to earn  or maintain a related designation or license?
A - Courses completed to earn or maintain a related professional designation or license may qualify for Compliance credit, provided they cover one or more topics in the CEBS content domain.
More questions and answers are available here.