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​​Chapter Performance Award


The purpose of the Chapter Performance Award is to ensure the delivery of high-quality education and camaraderie to the local community of benefits professionals by the ISCEBS chapter network. The International Society designed this program to provide chapter performance incentives and acknowledge outstanding accomplishments based on the mission and vision of the organization.

To assist chapters in annual duties, the Society has developed a simple checklist of items and time frames. When a chapter has completed the checklist, it will be recognized as a Top Performing Chapter, honored at the Symposium and in NewsBriefs, and receive a tiered recognition award.

The recommended deadline for completion of each task is included.

First-Quarter Activities

¨¨ Hold a pass-the-baton or training meeting for the incoming chapter board. (January)
¨¨ Each officer and board member should complete his or her e-learning training. (February)
¨¨ Send at least one leader to the Chapter Volunteer Forum in Brookfield, Wisconsin. (February/March) - MOVED TO Q4 FOR 2021
-- Ensure that all CEB​S graduate officers and board members are listed as CEBS Compliant. (March)
¨¨ Outreach to new CEBS graduates (monthly)

Second-Quarter Activities

¨¨ Complete the Form 990-N (e-Postcard) filing (U.S. chapters only). (May)
¨¨ Complete a biannual audit—can be a self-audit. Send results to Society. (June)
¨¨ Hold one educational event. (June)
¨¨ Identify at least one leader to send to the Symposium—Attendance may be chapter or employer-funded. (June)
-- File any pertinent forms with state/provincial offices for annual reporting. (June)
¨¨ Outreach to new CEBS graduates (monthly)

Third-Quarter Activities

-- Identify one qualified volunteer to nominate for the ISCEBS Governing Council. (July)
¨¨ Begin recruitment for the next year’s slate of officers. (July-September)
¨¨ Depending on when the annual meeting will be held, announce the slate of officers to the membership. (September)
¨¨ Hold one educational event. (September)
¨¨ Outreach to new CEBS graduates (monthly)

Fourth-Quarter Activities

-- Identify at least one volunteer to nominate for an ISCEBS national Committee. (November)
¨¨ Hold annual meeting and board elections. This can be counted as an educational meeting if there is a benefits-related speaker. (December)
¨¨ Send all board meeting minutes to the Society if not already sent. (December)
¨¨ Outreach to new CEBS graduates (monthly)

Tiered Recognition Award

Chapters consistently completing their tasks in a timely manner will be rewarded for their efforts. However, one “whoops” does not exclude the chapter! By getting back on track and staying on top of chapter activities, there is still opportunity to be recognized.


Chapters completing ALL tasks for the First Quarter will earn $50.


Chapters completing ALL tasks for the Second Quarter will earn an additional $50.


Chapters completing ALL tasks for the Third Quarter will earn an additional $50.


Chapters completing ALL tasks for the Fourth Quarter will earn an additional $50.


COMPLETE all tasks for the calendar year and earn a “power boost” of $100.
Earn a maximum of $300 for your chapter!