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Looking Under the Hood—Top Five Open Issues for the Cadillac Tax

Special article by Richard Stover and Leslye Laderman, Buck consultants at Xerox

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Join us in Vancouver, August 23-26.

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Record Your Education and be Compliant

Record 2013-2014 continuing education credits by March 1 and be included in the inaugural compliance listing

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Retirement Security: Why Should Employers and Plan Sponsors Care?

First in six-part series by Patricia A. Bonner, Ph. D., CEBS

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CEBS Continuing Professional Education: The Charter Group of CPE Compliant Graduates is Available

The CEBS program is pleased to recognize and honor the CEBS graduates who have achieved CPE compliance status for 2015-2016.

This page lists the CEBS graduates in the U.S. and Canada (listed by state or province) who have successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as CPE compliant. By participating in CPE, these individuals reaffirm their commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth. CPE compliance ensures the CEBS designation—and the collective industry knowledge it represents—remains visible and strong.

Don’t see your name? Check your International Foundation profile to ensure you have reported a full 30 credits for activities completed in 2013 or 2014.  Activities for 2013-2014 must be reported by March 1, 2015.  Activities completed after January 1, 2015 can be reported anytime during 2015-2016 and you will be considered compliant immediately after reaching 30 credits.

Questions? Learn more at or contacting (1/2/2015)

1st Quarter Benefits Quarterly - Health Care Reform "Lookback"

The first quarter issue of Benefits Quarterly focuses on a Health Care Reform "lookback." The full issue is available in Members Only. Printed copies will be mailed soon.

Get a jump start on reading - "Looking Under the Hood - Top Five Open Issues for the Cadillac Tax" is an excellent first article. Written by Richard Stover and Leslye Laderman, Buck consultants at Xerox, this article discusses the top five open issues about the application of the tax and its administrative requirements. (1/23/15)

Employee Benefits Survey 2014

Employee benefits remain a critical component of the relationship between employers and workers. In addition to serving as an important financial safety net, benefits also act as a recruitment and retention aid. Benefits comprise a significant percentage of total employee compensation, as much as 60% in some organizations. This comprehensive survey is designed to help you benchmark your benefits and ensure you’re making the most of your benefit dollars.

Additional information and order the survey now. (12/10/14)

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Report Your CEBS Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

The online reporting for CEBS CPE is available.

You can enter, view or edit your CPE activities and credits through your International Foundation profile. Log in at and click "Manage Your CPE Credits" to the right of your name. The username or login is your 6- or 8-digit member number and the password is traditionally your last name.

If you need assistance, contact the CEBS customer service team during business hours at 800-449-2327, option 3 or

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