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​​​​​​​​Executive Summaries for 2019

1st Quarter  |  2nd Quarter

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1st Quarter 2019​

Designing Compliant Leave Policies—The Big Picture
by Rachel Arnedt, Aon and
Sander VanderWerf, Aon
Improving Social Security Disability Insurance: Building a Culture of Innovation and Experimentation to Identify Future Reforms
by Nicholas Hart, Bipartisan Policy Center,
Jason Fichtner, Bipartisan Policy Center and Johns Hopkins University and
Jack Smalligan, Urban Institute
Preapproved Plan Pros and Cons
by Daniel Schwallie, Ph.D., Aon

2nd Quarter 2019​

The Present and Future of Retirement Income Adequacy: The Role of Employer Retirement Plans
by Anna M. Rappaport, Anna Rappaport Consulting
Vickie Bajtelsmit, Ph.D., Colorado State University
Age and Wisdom: Retirement Readiness in the U.S., U.K. and Australia
by Steven I. Jackson, Ph.D., American Academy of Actuaries
Kenneth F. Hohman, Findley
Are Your Employees on the Path to Retirement Readiness? How to Tell—And What to Do About It
by Doron Scharf, Sibson Consulting
Jonathan Price, Sibson Consulting
Fiduciary Risks: Nonplan Products and Services
by Daniel Alexander, RetireAware
Allen Steinberg, RetireAware

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