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Aegis Risk LLC | Artemis Health | Benefit Advocates, Inc. | ConnectYourCare
Ernst & Young LLP​ | Gall​ag​her | ​ Telligen

Aegis Risk LLC 
Ryan Siemers, CEBS
Aegis Risk LLC
218 North Lee Street, Suite 306
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 778-6520
Fax: (703) 548-4399
Aegis Risk is a specialty consultant and broker focused on medical stop loss, health reinsurance and related risk management strategies. We seek solutions for large employer benefit plans and other risk-bearing health entities. We partner directly with employers and providers, as well as other brokers and consultants.

Our Value:
Our in-depth knowledge of catastrophic medical claimants and their coverage solutions exceeds that of most benefits advisors – who only cover it occasionally. We obtain the greatest value in protection from this unique risk, while your primary broker or consultant remains focused on the rest.

Our Services:
Core services include stop loss plan design, as well as carrier marketing and selection. Our expertise and relationships provide highly competitive renewal quotes, including top-rated carrier options not available to other benefits consultants and brokers.

Upon placement of stop loss, we provide ongoing claims monitoring and reimbursement filing - providing peace of mind in using a carrier external to your claims administrator or health plan.
For larger organizations with multiple divisions and/or profit centers, we can structure an internal risk pool paired with a higher, less costly stop loss deductible - further lowering your total expense.

Our historical perspective as health care benefit consultants uniquely prepares us as relevant advisors to ACO’s and other emerging risk-bearing entities as they consider the potential shift of catastrophic claimants to their liability.

Learn More:
Contact us today to discuss our approach, including a complimentary, no-commitment review of your coverage. We partner with employers as well as other brokers and consultants.

Artemis Health

Jessica Davis
Marketing Operations Manager
Artemis Health
460 W 50 N Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT  84101
(530) 307-1608

Healthcare in America is broken – help us fix it.

Artemis Health makes it easy for employers to put their benefits data to work. The Artemis Platform is more than just another data warehouse. It’s a set of tools (we call them “apps”) that helps employers identify problems in their benefits data, find solutions, track solutions, and share their results.

Basically, we give our clients all the tools they need to continually optimize their benefits programs and become data-driven superstars!

Watch our demo video:

Learn more:

Benefit Advocates, Inc.

Mary Kesel, CEBS
Benefit Advocates, Inc.
514 South Stratford Road, Suite 301
Winston-Salem, NC  27103
(336) 721-2029
Fax: (336) 722-5494

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC and founded in 2001, Benefit Advocates provides the most cost-competitive health advocacy services to large and small businesses nationwide. Benefit Advocates prides itself on its core value of "real people, real answers." We are experienced healthcare and benefits professionals committed to helping employees and retirees navigate the health care "jungle."   

A live advocate answers every call ready to help!

Every hour spent on benefit problems is an hour human resources professionals could better spend on strategic initiatives. Whether it's driving employees to  lower-cost generic drugs, resolving complex claim problems or negotiating out-of-pocket costs on an employee's behalf Benefit Advocates is a one-stop benefits support solution just a phone call away.  (800) 344-5677



Gentrie Pool, CEBS
Vice President, MidMarket
Direct: (817) 454-9304

Amanda Benge
Vice President, Sales
Direct: (720) 471-4195

ConnectYourCare is one of the largest, and the most responsive, providers of uniquely featured Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDH) solutions, including; Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), retirement health benefit account administration, COBRA, and commuter programs. The plans we offer are fundamentally different—providing features like flexible funding and financing options, as well as better strategies for driving adoption and guiding usage.

Our approach to consumer directed care is rooted in creating better, more efficient connections among: the people who provide benefits (employers, health plans, and financial institutions), the people accessing healthcare services (employees/members), and the people who deliver healthcare services (doctors, nurses, technicians, and other providers).

We believe there is a unique solution for every company. And we don’t stop working until we connect you with the perfect one—a solution that simplifies administration, delivers significant ROI, and leaves employees feeling positive about their future.

How can we help you?

Ernst & Young LLP

Ronald S. Krupa, CEBS
Senior Manager
Ernst & Young LLP
12408 Natureview Circle
Bradenton, FL  34212
(941) 744-7571

Affordable Care Act Services
Ernst & Young LLP can help manage the full spectrum of your ACA needs, including working with the exchanges, educating employees on their coverage options, meeting reporting and compliance requirements, and helping to mitigate unforeseen penalties and taxes.

ACA, Work Opportunity Tax Credit and unemployment insurance all depend on similar workforce data elements and process streams. Leveraging our existing infrastructure, we can help you with a broad spectrum of workforce analytic, reporting and tax compliance needs.

Synergy is the foundation for our technology, data processing infrastructure and tax professional network. Our holistic approach enables efficiency and continuity in your workforce management processes.


Pat Haraden, CEBS
Area President
116 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA  02116
(617) 351-6054

The ability to deliver comprehensively structured compensation and employee benefits solutions to clients is Gallagher’s signature in the marketplace. Often, those clients also cite their experience of that delivery — the way we do business together.

Services include program design and delivery, administration, and ongoing analysis and evaluation that keep your programs calibrated with your expectations. Our areas of expertise are Health & Welfare, Human Resources & Compensation, Voluntary Benefits, Healthcare Analytics, Retirement Planning Executive Benefits, Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Advisors, and Multinational Benefits & Human Resources.

Telligen Health & Well-Being

Troy Cook
Vice President
1776 West Lakes Parkway
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
(888) 323-8431

Telligen knows for our clients to be successful, they need an experienced partner that can adapt to their needs and deliver solutions to achieve their goals. We have spent more than four decades working in every aspect of healthcare. Our expertise directly translates into more innovative and impactful approaches to solving our clients’ healthcare challenges. In turn, our clients’ members and their families will receive the quality of care they need and our clients’ can realize true measurable results.

At Telligen, we engage all individuals wherever they are on the Spectrum of Health, delivering solutions tailored to their specific needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don't work with cases and numbers - we work with people. And that starts with caring about each person's unique situation and health challenges so that together, we can truly improve health outcomes, happiness and life.

Telligen’s tailored solutions provide high touch and high value resulting in health plan savings and improved member health outcomes. We offer URAC accredited utilization management, case management and disease management solutions with an advanced health data analytics and data management platform, tailoring to our clients’ needs and seamlessly integrating with other vendor partners. In addition, we offer specialized solutions based upon identified client data trends which may include: wellness, oncology management, transplant management, end state renal disease, high risk maternity management, care transitions, emergency department programming and more.

For more information on Telligen Health & Well-Being, please contact Troy Cook at