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 ISCEBS Board of Directors
November 11, 2016 - 1:00 p.m.
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - Committee Chair Luncheon
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Thank you for attending the ISCEBS Board of Directors meeting. On this page you will find several informational documents, as well as the documents we will be discussing during the meeting.
If you have trouble opening any of these documents, please contact ISCEBS for assistance at 262-786-8771 or


1.     Call to Order

2.     CEBS Redesign/Curriculum Updates from Academics
        (Dalhousie and Wharton)

3.     Approval of Minutes - July 11, 2016

4.     Bylaw Approval of 2017 Society President, Vice President and Secretary-
        Treasurer and Bylaw appointment of Chair and Vice Chair

5.     State of the Society
        A.  Membership Services
        B.  Symposium - 2016

6.     2016 Financial Projections and 2017 Budget Proposal

7.    September 17, 2016 Governing Council Meeting - Review of Minutes and
       Action/Advisement Items
       A. Action Items
           1.  Approval of 2017 Society Officers (Agenda Item #4)
           2.  Approval to Move Election of Secretary-Treasurer to May Governing
                Council Meeting
           3.  Approval of 2017 ISCEBS Proposed Budget (Agenda Item #6)
           4.  Approval of the Mission Statement
           5.  Approval to hold 2022 ISCEBS Symposium in Toronto/E-Mail Vote with
             Date Change to August 8-11.
     B. Advisement Item - Governing Council Recommendations for 2017

8.     Old Business

9.     New Business

10.    Next Meeting

11.    Adjournment