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 ISCEBS Symposium Education
Conference Call - Canadian Track

January 31, 2020
1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Central Standard
Passcode: 629 1260


1.  Welcome

2.  Highlights from 2019 Symposium
     Program Report | Overall Evaluation

3.  Education/Session Development
     A.  Session Proposals - Comments/Recommendations

     B.  Workshops

     C.  Validate Industry Insights/Concerns - Responses to Survey

     D   Keynotes - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

4.  Sponsorship Program

5.  New Business

6.  Adjournment


Session Proposals

Group Benefits

Pension/ Retirement

C6 Hamid: TDFs and SRI in Company Retirement Plans

C7 Oram: Innovations in DC Decumulation Options

C8 Vary A New Vision for Retirement Ages and Annuities

C9 Wong/Grieve: Here Comes the Boom Retiree Financial Planning and Benefit Plan Design

C10 Tangney: Financial Wellness Approaching Retirement

C11 Steele: Future of Pensions

C12 Bellon/Sands: Navigating Plan Amendments Balancing Employee Education and Business Readiness

ESG Obligations of Pension and Benefit Plan Fiduciaries NEW

Climate Change: An Urgent Issue for Plan Fiduciaries?   NEW

The Outsourced Chief Investment Officer: Myth and Fact NEW

Plan Consolidation NEW

Sustainable Governance NEW

Other Topics

Cross-over topics

(from U.S. proposals)

Health Topics

MH4 Knoop: Mental Health as Corporate Imperative

OHT4 Schmidt: Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Managing Chronic Pain

OHT9 Shaman: Evaluating the Benefits of a Pharmacogenomics Guided Medication Therapy

FW6 Ward/Finn: Tech Touch The Formula for a Financially Healthier Workforce

PA3 Mayo: Retirement Plan Fraud War Stories and Lessons Learned

PI4 Regan/OBrien: The Mainstreaming of ESG Investing

RR5 Storms/Spector: Retirement Life Planning Beyond the Financials