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Promote your products and services to more than 13,000 benefits and compensation professionals including CEBS graduates and registrants and International Foundation corporate plan sponsor members.

About Benefits Quarterly

Benefits Quarterly is published four times a year by the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists. It addresses the leading issues and trends in an insightful, readable format. The articles are comprehensive and provide a thorough analysis of the subject matter. Each issue features a legal update, article abstracts from recent benefit publications and reviews of current literature. In addition, executive summaries help readers select the articles they need immediately.

Who Reads Benefits Quarterly?

Benefits professionals from both plan sponsors and providers from the health, retirement and other areas of employee benefits. The readership consists of the following components:

  • CEBS Graduates and Registrants—This group numbers approximately 6,500 and includes a mix of plan sponsors and providers. Included in this segment are middle, upper and senior managers, directors and executives.

  • Members of the Corporate Sector of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans—This group numbers 7,000 and is comprised of mid to upper level benefit, compensation and human resource professionals. Also, there are CFOs and CEOs of smaller businesses

  • General Subscribers—The balance of the readership consists of a mix of plan sponsors and providers as well as public and professional libraries.


Readership Breakdown:

50% of the readership are candidates and graduates of the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist program.


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Editorial Calendar
Issue Date Topic
​4th Qtr 2019Next Generation of Benefits
​1st Qtr 2020
​2nd Qtr 2020
​Single Payer Health Care
​3rd Qtr 2020
​Behavioral/Mental Health
​4thQtr 2020
​Post-Employment Benefits
​1st Qtr 2021
​Emerging Topics in Benefits

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Insertion Order and Materials Deadlines
 Issue Date  Insertion Order Deadline  Materials Deadline
​4th Qtr/October 2019
​July 8, 2019
​August 12, 2019
​1st Qtr/January 2020
October 7, 2019​​November 4, 2019
​2nd Qtr/April 2020
​January 6, 2020
​February 10, 2020
​3rd Qtr/July 2020
​April 7, 2020
​May 12, 2020
​4th Qtr/October 2020
​July 7, 2020
​August 11, 2020
​1st Qtr/ January 2021
​October 6, 2020
​November 3, 2020


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