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This webpage is available to provide access to Symposium session materials. Session materials are available below (in .pdf format) by clicking on the session title. 

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Monday, August 24
  Health Retirement General Benefits Canadian
Retirement Income Adequacy in the U.S.: Where Are We Today?
Choice Architecture - A Tool for Ratcheting Up Benefit and Wellness Results
Massaging the Data: A Canadian Health Benefits Trend Study
Hot ACA and Health Care Issues: What You Need to Know
Increasingly Automated Plan Environments - How to Effectively Monitor Service Providers and Evaluate the Potential Expansion of Their Role to Cover Fiduciary Matters
The Benefits of Data: Making Benefit Decisions Based on Facts, Not Trends
Workplace Mental Health Laws: What You Need to Know
The Wellness Trifecta: Using Engagement, Accountability and Incentives to Create a Culture of Health

Pension Derisking: Options and Consideration
​Patient Assistance Program Primer
​Session Evaluation
HIPAA Tune-Up for Your Health Plans
Be Prepared When the DOL Comes Knocking
Same-Sex Benefits in the Era of Marriage Equality: Open Issues and Latest Trends
Changing the Conversation: Evolving Member Education and Advice
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Tuesday, August 25
  Health Retirement General Benefits Canadian
8:30-9:30U.S. Legal Update Canadian Legal Update
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
10:00-11:00Engaging Employees in Their Health to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs
What the New Proposed "Conflict of Interest" Rule Means for Retirement Professionals

Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
11:15-12:15Specialty Drug Management Solutions You Haven't Heard Before
Best Practices for Hiring a Benefit Plan Auditor
10 Questions for Strategic Global Benefits Management
Pension Reform/Innovation Update
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
1:30-2:30A Rising Cost and concern: Catastrophic Medical Claimants
Personal Financial Wellness: Preparing Employees for Health Care Costs in Retirement

Know "What Matters" In Global Workplace Well-Being
Retirement Readiness: Benefits Canada Survey Findings
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
2:45-3:45Do Wearable Devices Impact Health?
Hot Topics in Retirement Plan Investments
Data Breach and Cybersecurity: What Happens if You or Your Vendor is Hacked
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
4:00-5:00Ask the Health Care Expert
Ask the Retirement Expert
Let's Talk Benefit Challenges (Open Discussion for Employers/Plan Sponsors)
Ask the Global Expert
U.S. Legal Update: Followup and Discussion​Ask the Canadian Expert​
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session EvaluationSession Evaluation
Session Evaluation

Wednesday, August 26
​Health Retirement​ General​ ​Canadian
​ ​ ​ ​Session Evaluation
9:30-10:30​ ​Workplace Wellness Survey Results: What's Happening, What's Changing and What's Working
Moving the Needle: Raising Your Employees' Financial Well-Being to Lower Their Financial Stress
When Women Thrive: Surprising Findings from Mercer's Global Gender Diversity Research
Session Evaluation
​Session Evaluation
​ ​Session Evaluation
10:45-11:45​ ​​Medicare Connector
​Prepare for the Next Generation in DC Plan Design - Retirement Income
Demystifying Section 409A: 5 Common Situations the Benefits Department Must Be Prepared to Handle
​Mail-Order Pharmacies: Pros and Pitfall
​Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
​Session Evaluation
12:00 noon - 1:00​ ​Using Ancillary Benefits to Battle Hidden Health Threats Across Generations
Social Security - What Benefit Professionals Need to Know
Creative Benefit Communications
Dental Wellness: The Mouth is Part of the Body, and the Body is Part of the Mouth
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​Session Evaluation
​Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
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