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This webpage is available to provide access to Symposium session materials. Session materials are available below (in .pdf format) by clicking on the session title. 

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Monday, September 19

  Health Retirement General Benefits Canadian
Using Behavioral Finance to Improve Retirement Outcomes
One Employer's Journey to Reinvent Time OffDrug Plan Sustainability and Current Trends - What You Need to Know
Session Evaluation
ACA Reporting Compliance and Helpful Tips for Year Two and Beyond
The Final DOL Conflict of Interest Rule: What It Means for Qualified Retirement Plans
HR's New Competencies
Pension Innovation in Canada: Where Are We and What Is Still Needed?
The 2016 Consumer Health Mindset: Four Consumer PerspectivesDerisking Your Defined Benefit Pension Plan
A Wellness Reboot: Simplifying Wellness Programs in the Workplace
Session Evaluation
Conducting a Self-Audit of Your Health and Welfare Plan
     Additional handout
Preparing for a DOL Audit
Cyberhacking Data Breach: Who Is Winning the War on PHI and PII?
What's Next? Best Practices in Employee Wellness and Health Promotion
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Tuesday, September 20
  Health Retirement General Benefits Canadian
8:30-9:30U.S. Legal Update: Spotlight on Fiduciary Issues
Session Evaluation
10:00-11:00You've Been Appointed as a HIPAA Officer - Now What?
Fiduciary Tidal Wave: Navigating Defined Contribution Plans' Uncharted Waters
Beyond Open Enrollment: Communication Strategies to Engage Your Workforce
Canadian Legal Update
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation​
11:15-12:15A Prescription for Pharmacy Innovation
401(k) Fee Litigation: Sorting It All Out
Merging Benefit Cultures: The Q&A of M&A
Financial Education--Let's Get Personal
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
1:30-2:30Rebranding Your EAP
The End of IRS Determination Letters for Retirement Plans
Globally Vocal: Real Talk From Experienced Globally Mobiles

Mental Health in the Workplace
Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation
2:45-3:45Health and Welfare Nondiscrimination Testing: Forecast of an Eventual Requirement
Retirement Planning in a DC World: How to SucceedEffectively Leading an FLSA Reclassification Project: Case Study
CPP Expansion--What's New and What's Next?
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation ​Session Evaluation
4:00-5:00Ask the Health Care Expert
Let's Talk Retirement Benefits
Let’s Talk Benefit Challenges (Open Discussion for Employers/Plan Sponsors)
Let's Talk Global Benefits
U.S. Legal Update: Followup and Discussion
Let's Talk Canadian Benefits
Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation Session Evaluation ​Session Evaluation
​Session Evaluation

Wednesday, September 21
​Health Retirement​ General​ ​Canadian
Session Evaluation
9:30-10:30​ ​Retiree Health Options: The Decline of Group Retiree Health Plans: What's Next?
The Influence of Gender on Retirement Savings
Employee Benefit Group Captives: A Gateway to Self-FundingThe Sun Life Canadian Health Index: Key Learnings From Five Years of  Study
​Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
​ ​Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
10:45-11:45​ ​Tackling Chronic Health Conditions: A Case Study
A Cheap ERISA Audit May Cost More Than You Think--The Department of Labor's Recent Study on Audit Quality
Audit Quality
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Improving the Financial Well-Being of Your Workforce
Medical Marijuana: Considerations for Plan Sponsors
Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
​Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
12:00 noon - 1:00​ ​Moving to an Outcomes-Based Wellness Program: Best Practices and Case Study
Findings From the 2015 Society of Actuaries Retirement Risk SurveyLong-Term Care and Caregiving in the WorkplaceA Digital Property Review: Communicating Effectively in a Digital Age
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​Session Evaluation
Session Evaluation
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