ISCEBS Symposium Cost Justification Toolkit

August 20-23, 2023
Seattle, Washington

Looking for help to get budget approval to attend the  Symposium in Seattle?

The Society has put together some tips and talking points to help you request funding for the Symposium – because this year is another can’t miss educational event.

Sample letter requesting funding

Often the cost/fees associated with travel to the Symposium aren't the only challenges. Getting approval for time out of the office can be difficult as well. Three days out of the office is a LOT for many benefits professionals. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Maximize your time at the Symposium. Take advantage of the luncheon roundtables and the Welcome Reception on Monday, and the discussion forums on Tuesday afternoon. These informal sessions are designed to facilitate open dialog and share expertise and experiences.
  2. Check out the sponsor area. The Symposium features a wide variety of event sponsors. These unstaffed booths are a great way to research potential new vendors - or meet up with current vendors. Many sponsors have representatives at the Symposium and would be willing to meet with you if you request a meeting.
  3. The learning doesn't stop at 5 p.m. Networking at the Symposium goes beyond the sessions. Luncheon roundtables, breakfast and session breaks, sign and dine options and more - they all offer the opportunity to network with your peers. Sometimes these opportunities are a great way to learn a new best practice or meet up with someone who can help your company grow/expand.
  4. There's plenty of opportunity to reconnect with the home office. Wireless connectivity is available at the hotel. Charging stations will be available for your devices so you can keep in touch with the office during breaks or after sessions end.

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