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Call for Presentations

Be a part of the 36th Annual Symposium by submitting a presentation proposal. The Society aims to provide an educational experience that reflects the diverse skills, interests and backgrounds of its members. If you are a Society member or other industry professional, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • ​“Hot” industry topics and issues, new techniques, strategic viewpoints, case studies and emerging trends
  • Topics of interest to and aimed at knowledgeable, experienced corporate benefits and compensation professionals
  • Topics that focus mainly on answers, results or solutions and ROI, not the (often well-known) problems or issues. 
  • A mid-to-advanced level presentation that can be covered in a 60 minute session, including time for questions.
  • A "deep dive" into a critical benefits-related topic. Symposium attendees look for topics at an indepth level they haven't heard anywhere else.
  • A minimum of three “takeaways” in addition to the description
  • An objective presentation that does not give the appearance of endorsing any particular company or product.

Who is the Symposium audience?

  • Diverse.  Attendees represent corporations, consulting firms, health care organizations, hospitals, banks, insurance companies, investment and administration firms, jointly trusteed and public employee benefit plans, law firms and other organizations involved with employee benefits.
  • Experienced. A typical Symposium attendee has 15 or more years of experience and looks for topics at the mid-to-advanced level.
  • Engaged.  Most attendees have, or are pursuing the CEBS, GBA, CMS or RPA designation in the U.S. or Canada.

Submitting a Presentation Proposal

In order to ensure that each proposal is received and considered by the planning committee, we require all proposals to be submitted using this form. There is no limit to how many proposals can be submitted. Each proposal must be submitted individually. Selection of proposals and speakers will be determined in April 2017.

Our Partnership With Presenters

Producing a successful Symposium is truly a collaborative effort between ISCEBS and its presenters. In order to ensure a mutually beneficial Symposium, we hold our presenters and ourselves to these commitments:

We expect presenters to:

  • Work closely with ISCEBS staff prior to the Symposium and meet all deadlines
  • Make no substantial changes in session content or format, identity or number of presenters without prior approval of ISCEBS staff
  • Design and provide a high-quality PowerPoint presentation, easily readable in print and a conference room, in electronic format, by the deadline given (a pdf version of the presentation is not acceptable).
  • Understand that their presentation will be reproduced in its entirety in hard copy and electronic media for attendees
  • Recognize that an educational session is an opportunity to share information and should not give the appearance of an endorsement of a particular business, service or product
  • Keep in mind that members of the media may be in attendance.
  • Acknowledge they are available to speak during any timeframe of the Symposium and as such will not request a time or date change if selected.

In return, ISCEBS will:

  • Provide you with your evaluation scores and feedback after the conference
  • Supply audiovisual equipment (such as a laptop, microphone and projector) for your session
  • Reimburse travel expenses in accordance with ISCEBS policy. Please note that ISCEBS does not reimburse expenses for a co-presenter.
  • Provide a complimentary registration for the Symposium, which includes educational sessions, meal and networking events and the CEBS Conferment
  • Provide a platform for professional visibility while we collaborate to make a valuable contribution to the industry’s collective knowledge.

If you have questions about the submission process or the Symposium in general, please contact us at or (262) 786-8771.




Frequently Asked Questions

Proposals must be submitted by Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Selections will be determined in April 2017.

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