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Ryan Siemers, CEBS
Aegis Risk LLC
218 North Lee Street, Suite 306
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 778-6520
Email: ryan.siemers@aegisrisk.com
Aegis Risk is a specialty consultant and broker focused on medical stop loss, health reinsurance and related risk management strategies. We seek solutions for large employer benefit plans and other risk-bearing health entities. We partner directly with employers and providers, as well as other brokers and consultants.

Our Value:
Our in-depth knowledge of catastrophic medical claimants and their coverage solutions exceeds that of most benefits advisors – who only cover it occasionally. We obtain the greatest value in protection from this unique risk, while your primary broker or consultant remains focused on the rest.

Our Services:
Core services include stop loss plan design, as well as carrier marketing and selection. Our expertise and relationships provide highly competitive renewal quotes, including top-rated carrier options not available to other benefits consultants and brokers.

Upon placement of stop loss, we provide ongoing claims monitoring and reimbursement filing - providing peace of mind in using a carrier external to your claims administrator or health plan.
For larger organizations with multiple divisions and/or profit centers, we can structure an internal risk pool paired with a higher, less costly stop loss deductible - further lowering your total expense.

Our historical perspective as health care benefit consultants uniquely prepares us as relevant advisors to ACO’s and other emerging risk-bearing entities as they consider the potential shift of catastrophic claimants to their liability.

Learn More:
Contact us today to discuss our approach, including a complimentary, no-commitment review of your coverage. We partner with employers as well as other brokers and consultants.

Jenny Wan
Director, Sales and Marketing
Health Portal Solutions
11550 West Interstate 10, Suite 220
San Antonio, TX 78230
(855) 414-1014 ext. 337 

Health Plan Administrators struggle to manage the moving parts of the benefit plan. We help Administrators organize their data, vendors, and business processes into one, privately branded portal. 

With their portal, Administrators organize the different pieces of the health plan in one place and securely communicate with plan participants 24/7 from any device. This empowers Administrators to boost their efficiencies and drive health plan engagement.

For over 20 years, Health Trusts, Third Party Administrators, Health Plans, and Employers worldwide have organized their benefit plan administration online through their partnership with Health Portal Solutions. 

Schedule your demo at www.hpsglobal.net.

Lyra Health

Brent Hartman
Strategic Alliances Director
(720) 633-1995

Company Overview
Worldwide, 970 million people are living with mental health issues. The biggest hurdle isn’t treatment—it’s access. Lyra’s co-founder and CEO, David Ebersman, left his job as Meta’s chief financial officer in 2014 to tackle the problem by making it easier to find and get treatment and using technology to make it smarter, more personalized, and more effective.

Since then, more than 300 leading companies have partnered to offer Lyra’s mental health benefits to their employees, including Meta, Pinterest, and Starbucks, giving more than 13 million people access to life-changing care.

Mayo Clinic

Cheryl Nienhuis, CEBS
Director, Complex Care Program
Contracting and Payer Relations
Mayo Clinic
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905
(507) 422-6103

Dana Baker
Director, Complex Care Program
Contracting and Payer Relations
Mayo Clinic
4500 San Pablo Road
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 953-2505
Email:  baker.dana@mayo.edu

Brent Westra
Director, Complex Care Program
Mayo Clinic
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905
(507) 538-1487
Email: westra.brent1@mayo.edu

About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, comprehensive care to everyone who needs healing. Learn more about Mayo Clinic at www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic.

The Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program offers managed access to Mayo Clinic's high-quality, cost-effective care for individuals with serious and complex medical conditions. In other words, helping you minimize costs while getting patients exactly the care they need.



Ryan Hart, GBA
Regional Manager, Health & Group Benefits Consulting
1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3800
Seattle, WA 98101-2646
Phone: (206) 624 7940

Milliman insight is driving decisions that affect millions of people around the world. Our innovative work and pioneering technology are helping revolutionize the financing and delivery of healthcare, the management of risk across complex systems and organizations, and the development of retirement planning and financial risk management solutions.

Changing regulations and rising costs can put pressure on your employee benefits program. Turn to Milliman for independent, innovative, data-driven insights with fresh and informed perspectives to reduce costs, maintain compliance and market competitiveness, and keep your health benefits working for your business and your employees.

Retirement plans today are as almost as diverse as the workforces they support. Our retirement experts can help you navigate your options, mitigate your liabilities, and develop flexible, comprehensive approaches to addressing your most complex retirement challenges, including expert plan recordkeeping and administration.

Nox Health

Nox Health is a global sleep health leader on a mission to transform the way people sleep all over the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and with operations in Reykjavík, Iceland and Denver, Colorado, the company comprises three divisions – Nox Medical, Nox Enterprise, and FusionSleep – all working together to provide more people access to better sleep. More than three million people in 50 countries wake up to a brighter world each year because of Nox Health solutions.

For the last decade Nox has helped the world achieve the essential physical and mental benefits of regular, better sleep, and helped companies and organizations leverage sleep as a critical intervention to close the care gap in chronic disease with happier, healthier employees. At our core is the one-of-a-kind value-based SleepCharge® solution, combining advanced technology, clinical guidelines and human care to evaluate, diagnose and treat sleep-related issues from start to managed, ongoing care. With over a decade of outcomes data demonstrating superior adherence, this unique solution drives down healthcare costs while delivering meaningful health outcomes, helping people adopt better sleep habits through lasting behavior change — transforming their very lives.


Kara Robinson
Head of Marketing
(802) 363-6112

Jamie Christensen
Business Development
email: jamiec@securesave.com

SecureSave provides a standalone Emergency Savings Account (ESA) built specifically to drive high employee participation while delivering measurable improvements to employee financial wellbeing. Our average employee participation rate is 60% due to our easy-to-use mobile and web app, payroll savings automation, employee encouragement, and employer "matching" and incentive programs. SecureSave helps employees avoid 401k loans and withdrawals, payday loans, second jobs, and credit card debt when faced with unexpected financial emergencies, which results in higher productivity and less on-the-job stress. The account is post-tax and not subject to ERISA, which means employees have easy access to their money — and it's easy for HR to manage, too! SecureSave is the first financial wellness product demonstrating the ability to create ongoing employee savings behavior at a large scale. 


Sydney Hammons
Regional Sales Director, Western U.S.
email: sydney@wysa.com

Wysa provides anonymous mental health support on-demand. We believe access to support should be available whenever people need it. Stigma prevails, so we take away the need for people to ask for help and eliminate the need for people to make a judgement call on when they should seek professional support. Wysa’s clinically proven AI-first approach enables employees to improve their mental health before symptoms become severe, and encourages them to take additional support when it’s needed by guiding them towards Wysa’s human coaching, your EAP or national crisis lines. Wysa has helped over 6 million people through 550 million AI conversations across 95 countries.