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What is the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans?

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The International Foundation is the world’s largest educational association for those who serve employee benefit plans. As an objective, nonprofit educator, the Foundation offers an information center, books and periodicals, educational programs, research surveys, a searchable online database and the CEBS® program. Total membership includes 35,000 individuals representing more than 8,500 trust funds, corporations, public employee groups and professional advisory firms throughout the United States and Canada. Individual and organizational memberships are available.

What is the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist® (CEBS®) Program?


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The CEBS designation is a five-course program covering the entire spectrum of employee benefits. Two specialty designations— the Group Benefits Associate (GBA) and the Retirement Plans Associate (RPA)—are earned along the way toward the CEBS designation. In the United States, CEBS is a joint program of the International Foundation and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In Canada, CEBS is cosponsored with Dalhousie University.

What is the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit
Specialists (ISCEBS)?


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ISCEBS—Good for Your Employer. Good for the Industry. Better for You!

NOTE: Membership in the International Foundation, the International Society and local chapters is separate.

The Society, located at International Foundation headquarters, is a nonprofit organization open to those who have earned the CEBS, CMS, GBA or RPA designation. It provides continuing education and networking opportunities through an online community, educational programs, information resources and publications to nearly 4,000 members.

ISCEBS Local Chapters
At the local level, educational programs and other activities are offered for professional development through the Society’s 52 chapters in the United States and Canada. To be a full member of a local chapter, an individual must be a CEBS graduate and also a member of the Society. Local chapters have candidate affiliations for those individuals who are actively pursuing the CEBS, CMS, GBA or RPA designations.

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