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When you join the International Society, you’ll get more than top industry resources, compiled and vetted by experts and unparalleled professional development resources just a call, click, tap or swipe away.

You’ll also be plugged into a community of the best benefits minds in the business, colleagues who have your back and are ready to share ideas, vet suggestions and prove that CEBS is the mark of excellence in benefits leaders.

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If you need help convincing your boss to support your membership, this page has some tools and information to make your case. Click the "Resources" icons to learn more. (Get a print-friendly version of this page here.)

Resources to...

Stay Informed

​ The world of benefits doesn’t stand still and keeping in front of the latest legislative and regulatory requirements, and administrative complexities and implementation takes more than a keen eye for detail. Knowing where to find the answers and what questions to ask is critical. These Society offerings keep you informed:

  • Webcasts offer live and on-demand recordings of timely information on current benefits issues, including wellness, global benefits, investment fees, mental health, behavioral decision making and more.
  • Information Center specialists provide personalized, curated research and information using the resources of the world’s most extensive employee benefits library.
  • Benchmarking studies and data are a level set to determine how your plan compares to other organizations
  • Legal and Legislative trackers keep your finger on the pulse of proposed and enacted legislation impacting benefits.
  • ​Professional journals, articles and books that take a deep dive, with compelling data and insightful research.

Learn and Expand Your Network

​ We’ve all heard the expression “It’s who you know” and the fast-paced benefits world is no exception. Expand your benefits knowledge, grow your professional network and be confident that your colleagues’ collective knowledge has what you need, when you need it.

Take your learning farther

​Today’s business world can seem a lot like standing outside on a foggy day. You know enough to see what’s next to you, but after that, it gets pretty cloudy. No need to wait for the air to clear on its own – continued learning charts a path to higher ground for a clearer view of what’s ahead.
Here are some of the ways Society resources take you farther:

Sample letter to support Society membership

We’ve developed a sample letter to your boss that you can use to illustrate how Society membership is a valuable and cost-effective resource for you, your team and your organization.

  • Customize the letter in any way you wish to best meet your situation, experience, interests or goals.
  • Fields in red are those where you can insert a name or other specific information.
  • Fields in italics are an alternative phrase you can use that may better apply to you.

Letter specific to Canada | Letter specific to U.S.

Note about chapter dues:

Chapter dues vary by chapter and are separate from national membership dues. If you don’t have a chapter near you, you have the option of omitting that section from the letter. A list of all chapters and their corresponding dues is available here.

Who Joins the Society?

Membership is open to those who have earned the CEBS, GBA, RPA or CMS designation or have passed at least one exam. Members represent a diverse group of job roles, industries and sectors within the community of benefits professionals, including:​



Banking/Trust/Financial Services

Corporate, Public or Multiemployer Plan Sponsor


Health Care/Hospital Organizations