Principles of Conduct

The following Principles of Conduct are standards which serve as models of exemplary conduct for ISCEBS members. In order to support the basic objectives of high levels of competence, performance and ethical conduct, all ISCEBS members are expected to understand and adhere to these Principles of Conduct.

Principle 1:
In all professional, business or fiduciary relationships, a member shall act with honor and integrity in dealings with the public, plan participants, employers, clients and other professionals.

Principle 2:
A member shall continually strive to maintain and improve the knowledge, skills and competence needed for effective performance in the profession. This not only includes the initial acquisition of professional knowledge and skills but also requires continued learning and development.

Principle 3:
When serving an employee benefit plan, whether in a fiduciary capacity or otherwise, a member shall apply care, skill, prudence and diligence in accordance with the "prudent person rule."

Principle 4:
A member shall not allow the pursuit of financial gain or other personal benefit to interfere with the best interests of plan participants, beneficiaries, employers and clients.

Principle 5:
In business, professional or fiduciary activities, a member shall avoid any activity or conduct which constitutes a dishonest, deceitful, fraudulent or knowingly illegal act.

Principle 6:
A member shall maintain knowledge of and comply with the enforcement of laws, regulations and codes that foster the highest level of competence, performance and ethical conduct as it pertains to employee benefit plans.

Principle 7:
A member shall respect confidential relationships that may arise in business or professional activities.

Principle 8:
A member shall honor the integrity and respect the limitations placed on the use of their designation.

Principle 9:
A member shall recommend for membership only those individuals known by the member to engage in practices that conform with the Principles of Conduct.

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