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Membership, Recruitment and Retention | Educational Programming

Many local chapters have practices that are use during education programs or membership recruiting periods. This area will highlight those "best practices". Other chapters are welcomed and encouraged to borrow these practices and utilize them.

The Twin Cities chapter has shared their version of the chapter handbook; it has been modified for their needs. This can be a great tool to help other chapters craft a guide for their individual requirements.

Membership Recruitment and Retention

New members may join the chapters and the Society at any time. CEBS students graduate, earn designations and pass exams throughout the year. Because of this, membership recruitment does not only occur once or twice a year. If your chapter has a recruiting or retention idea, please send it to the Society and we would be happy to post it for other chapters.

Education Programming

Developing education programs that are topical, interesting and fresh can be a challenge. However, there are ways to keep programs unique, and there are unique ways to go about presenting the information. If your chapter has an education programming idea, please send it to the Society and we would be happy to post it for other chapters.

  • Participation at education programs may vary based on topic. Here are some ideas your chapter can utilize to increase participation at programs.

  • Chapter Surveys
    The Capital and Greater Philadelphia chapters surveyed members on desired education programs, meeting location and more.

  • Continuing Education Day
    The Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter opted to offer a CE Day focusing on intermediate/advanced education topics rather than a fundamentals/basics program. Attendees were also able to earn several CE credits for professional licensing requirements.
  • Virtual Conference Access
    Several chapters purchased access to virtual conferences and allowed chapter members to access the environment as part of their membership. This value-add is a great way to position the chapter as an educational resource but also a "must renew" membership.
  • Chapter Sponsored Viewing of Webcast
    The Northern California chapter has successfully utilized webcasts offered by the International Foundation for chapter programs.
  • PowerPoint Presentation Prior to Program 
    Here's a sample PowerPoint presentation chapters can run prior to educational programs. Not only are upcoming programs announced, but the CEBS program and the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirement are highlighted.
  • Education Program Feedback Form
    Program feedback is vital to ensuring the chapter is offering sessions that meet the educational needs of benefits professionals in the area.