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Member Challenge 2018 - We're All In

It's like hitting the jackpot! When the new CEBS launched in April, there was quite a buzz. Industry reaction has been positive, and there's an influx of new students entering the program! These new CEBS participants and graduates will be looking for a place to belong. That's where the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists and the local chapters come into play, and we're all in!

Networking. Education. Leadership.

All the things the chapters have offered throughout the years will now be presented to a new audience. We're not asking you to do anything different - Just be the awesome group of benefits professionals you've always been! Contact with potential members, reach out to existing members and let them know about the benefits of belonging to our community of benefits professionals.

The Challenge
Contact CEBS graduates and participants, and encourage them to join or renew membership. Phone calls, e-mails, personal messages - You know what works! The Society is available to help send group e-mails on behalf of the chapter. Or shake things up a bit: Record an automated message to your potential members encouraging them to join or to current members reminding them to renew!

Grow membership by 10%. We are confident, with the influx of participants in the program, that the 10% goal is achievable.

  • If you increase membership by 10%, you'll earn $400 for the chapter and a complimentary 2018 ISCEBS Employee Benefits Symposium registration.
  • If you increase membership by 5%, you'll earn $400 for the chapter.
  • If you retain your 2017 membership level, you'll earn $200 for the chapter.

Double Down Opportunity
We are excited about the new CEBS, and we're sure you are too! Help us spread the word with a CEBS push!

There are lots of ways to push, or promote, CEBS.

  • Know of an employer with a large benefits department? Tell us who we should talk to at the company; we'll take care of the rest.
  • Want to host your own "CEBS 101" event or coordinate an event at a local employer? We'll help out with a presentation, scripting and promotion.
  • Coordinating a job fair and want to promote CEBS? Let us know, and we'll send material and help with promotion.
  • What other ideas do you have?

For each CEBS push, your chapter will be entered into a drawing. The prize for this drawing? A 2018 Symposium registration. Specifically, we will be giving away five Symposium registrations. The more pushes you do or the more you help us coordinate, the more entries your chapter can earn. Drawing will be held on June 1, 2018.

Help send a new graduate to Boston for the conferment, or send a board member who has never attended - or both.

Challenge ends March 31, 2018.