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Member Challenge 2019 - Member Gras

While Mardi Gras means "Fat Tuesday" and refers to a carnival-type celebration, Member Gras means "increased membership" and refers to a recruitment celebration.

Okay, we made that second part up. But the increased membership is very real and very true! In 2018, nearly 2,000 new students entered the CEBS program and are passing exams. These students, and new graduates, are eligible to join the Society and your local chapter.

Let's get the party started and see how your chapter is doing in the Challenge!

Member Gras Krewe - Recruitment Celebration - Goal #1
The chapter recruitment "krewe" will reach out to local graduates and designees to find new members and potential volunteers. The chapter krewe can be one person or many - however many it takes to keep the recruitment celebration going.

This year, one of the challenge goals will be based on the number of nonmember graduates and students in your local area. These new program participants have shown their eagerness for learning; it's up to the chapters to translate that into eagerness for membership!


  • Convert 15% of your nonmember list into Society and chapter members and earn $200 for your chapter AND a complimentary 2019 ISCEBS Employee Benefits Symposium registration. The Symposium is September 8-11, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Convert 10% of your nonmember list and earn $200 for your chapter.
  • Convert 5% of your nonmember list and earn $100 for your chapter.

Keep the Party Going With Existing Members! - Goal #2
Member retention is just as important as member recruitment. By keeping the members your chapter already has, you're setting up your chapter and the Society to grow as an organization.

  • Increase overall chapter membership by 10% (both renewals and new members) and earn $200.
  • Increase overall membership by 5% and earn $150.
  • Maintain your overall 2018 membership level and earn $100.


While Mardi Gras ends in early March, Member Gras will continue through April 1, 2019.



Member Gras Tips and Recommendations

Plan Ahead - Schedule a conference call or after-work meeting with the membership committee/group to discuss the challenge. Map out monthly efforts so the chapter is always top of mind to members and nonmembers alike. Don't wait until February to begin outreach efforts!

Coordinate Your Communication - While e-mail may be the easiest way to reach a large audience, there are other ways to communicate the value of membership. Personal phone calls, handwritten notes or voice-mail blasts offer additional customization and personalization. The Society has note cards available for your use and can assist with voice-mail blasts.

Know the Challenge Parameters - Check out the Challenge website, for updated member counts, suggestions and more. Contact the Society for immediate updates or check back weekly to see how your chapter is doing.

Have Fun - While membership is the end goal, this should be fun for the chapter. After all, there's a reason you are volunteering! Leverage your own experiences while making contact with graduates and students. Don't forget: The Society can create graphic images to include in e-mails or other promotions.

Be Prepared to Talk about the Society and your chapter - What benefits and services do you utilize the most and why? What was the deciding factor that tipped the scales so you joined the local board? Personal stories are great for recruitment and retention!

Send updates to the Society - Found an e-mail or phone number that is invalid? Let the Society know, and we'll update the database. The data we send to chapters is only as "good" as our database. Sending over updates insures you don't get "bad data".

Remember the Big Picture - While the goal of the Member Challenge is recruitment and retention, increasing the community is the ultimate end goal. Making a stronger Society and chapter network boosts the credential and those who hold it.