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Member Challenge 2017 - Reach the Summit

With the 2017 Symposium heading to Denver, Colorado in September, it only makes sense to incorporate mountains into this year’s Member Challenge theme. Chapters are asked to reach their membership summit and grow local membership by 10%.
No one can climb a mountain without training and planning. That’s where the Society comes in! Here are seven simple steps to reach the top.

One of the most important questions in training to climb a mountain (or recruit members) is when to start. Easy answer—Now! While the end of the calendar year can be hectic, now is a great time to start outreach efforts. Schedule a board meeting or conference call to make a strategic plan for the recruitment period. Divvy up tasks and data lists so the rest of the “training steps” are not insurmountable.

Outside Activities
Think outside the e-mail inbox for member recruitment. Use ISCEBS stationery cards to send notes and invite students and graduates to your next meeting. Call them and set up a time to meet for coffee and talk about their CEBS journey (and yours!). By utilizing approaches outside the “norm,” your chapter will make an impression on potential members.

Inside Activities
Work the inbox. Coordinate with the Society to send custom e-mail messages to nonmembers and nonrenewals in your area. You provide the content and we make them “pretty” and specific to your chapter. Here’s your chance to promote upcoming chapter programs and services/benefits exclusive to chapter members.

Weekly Schedule and Rest Days
We know you’re busy with your real job and personal commitments, and adding recruiting activities does not need to be a major time drain! Schedule one hour once a week to work on recruitment efforts. If this task is split between the board or committee, it won’t take long at all!

Goals and Targets
Review your chapter’s goals, which are based on your 2016 membership. Review the list of potential members in your area—There are enough students and graduates to exceed the 10% goal.

Consider Your Goal
Really look at what a 10% increase in membership would be for your chapter. In a chapter of 50, that would be five new members. If two people are handling the recruitment efforts, that means each has to have two (OK, 2.5) new members. That’s not difficult! It’s even easier when more volunteers help!

Results, Analysis and Conclusion
Or, as we call it, “What’s in it for me and my chapter?” Throughout any sustained activity—be it mountain climbing or member recruitment—it’s good practice to have milestone goals throughout, culminating in the “big” goal.


If you reach Mount Elbert—The tallest peak in Colorado (14,440 ft/4,401.2 m)—You have increased chapter membership by 10% and earned $400 and a complimentary 2017 Symposium registration.

If you reach Mount Lincoln 14,293 ft/4,356.5 m)—You have increased chapter membership by 5% and earned $400 for your chapter.

If you reach Pikes Peak 14,115 ft/4,302.31 m)—You have retained your 2016 membership level and earned $200 for your chapter.

Challenge ends March 1, 2017.