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Inside this section you will find samples/guidelines to help your chapter be successful, and to make your job as a volunteer more rewarding.


Chapter Sponsorship Programs | Financial Reserve PolicyChapter Reimbursement Guideline
Chapter Newsletter Template | Press Release Samples | Officer Nomination / Election | Website Sponsor Invoice | Records Retention Policy |CEBS PowerPoint Presentations

Education Program PowerPoint

Select one of these PowerPoint slide decks to have scrolling before education programs as attendees enter the room.

CEBS Canada | CEBS U.S. | Membership 

Use this template before introducing the speaker. Customize the slide deck to promote an upcoming event, the CEBS program, Society membership and ISCEBS Fellowship.

Education intro slides

Treasurer Documents

Chapter treasurers may wish to utilize these template documents, provided by the Southwestern Ontario Chapter.

Spreadsheets - one for Program Expenses/Revenue and the other for the Overall Chapter Financial Tracking. Both are straightforward and can be modified for individual chapter needs.

Audit Checklist

Utilize this audit checklist when performing the chapter audit every 1-2 years. This is only meant to be a reference. The checklist should be used to review accuracy and give credibility to the financial records, compliance efforts, and procedures of a chapter.

Chapter Sponsorship Programs

Several chapters have begun implementing a sponsorship program at the local level. This is a great way to help defray costs associated with educational programs. While chapters are not necessarily looking to make money, chapters should not look to lose money either.

These are guidelines from the Southwestern Ontario chapter. Each chapter is welcome to adopt their own guidelines.


Financial Reserve Policy

Reserve funds are a great safeguard for local chapters against economic downturns, sudden market shifts, catastrophes and other unforeseen events. The Governing Council recommends that each local chapter develop a financial reserve policy that details approved uses of their excess funds. Issues that should be considered include liquidity needs; how surplus funds should be invested; and ways of using the excess funds to reinvest in the chapter, members and the national organization. The following guidelines were developed by the Membership and Chapter Development Committee to help all chapters stay economically viable.


Chapter Reimbursement Policy

Chapters may choose to have a reimbursement policy for board members who travel. A chapter does not need to have a reimbursement policy. If the chapter has the financial means to do so, a reimbursement policy can be beneficial in ensuring fair treatment for all applicable costs associated with chapter business

The Toronto chapter provided this policy as a guideline. Please feel free to modify it for your chapter.


Chapter Newsletter Template

Many chapters send newsletters to members as a way to communicate "need to know" information and share feedback and positive member stories. Newsletters may be printed or sent electronically.

Here is a sample newsletter template chapters may utilize. Please feel free to change the design to suit your chapter's preference.

Here are some logos/graphics that may be useful:


Press Release Samples

At times, it may be relevant for a chapter to announce new graduates, new officers or other news to local media outlets. Here are some sample press releases.


Officer Nomination / Election

Chapters should solicit nominations for officer positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and one director position on an annual basis not less than 30 days prior to the annual meeting. Here is a sample call for nominations. Once the board is identified, chapters should alert members prior to the annual meetings.

Please contact the Society with any questions.


Website Sponsor Invoice

Many chapters currently have websites to promote local activity. Some chapter have secured a sponsor to help pay for the chapter's website. Here is a sample letter from one chapter to their website sponsor.


Financial Records Retention Policy

Thanks to the Twin Cities chapter for sharing their financial records retention policy. The Society is able to help chapters store financial information if needed. Any questions, please contact the Society.


CEBS PowerPoint Presentations

Interested in letting others know about the CEBS Program? We hope so! Many chapters have been presenting the CEBS program to college students and area businesses. Don't reinvent the wheel - take a look at these PowerPoint presentations for a starting point. Feel free to modify them to suit your needs. If you need assistance, contact Jennifer.




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