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ISCEBS Governing Council Orientation
Conference Call
December 13, 2022
9:30 a.m. Central

1.    Welcome

2.    Society Governance
       A.    Relationship to the International Foundation of Employee
              Benefit Plans
              1.    Interlocking Board of Directors
              2.    Value and Synergies
              3.    Shared Services
      B.    ISCEBS Governance
              1.    Governing Council
                    a.    Monitor budget
                    b.    Recommend policy and financial actions
                    c.    Review and approve committee budget and action
                    d.    Committee liaisons
                    e.    Election of Secretary/Treasurer
                    f.    Succession planning
                    g.   Chapter outreach
              2.    Committee functions
                    a.    Symposium Education
                           – recommend program content.
                    b.    Membership/Local Chapter Development
                           – monitor growth and identify new services for
                           members at national and local level [Minutes]
                    c.    Professional Development
                           – oversee publications and continuing  
                           education [Minutes]
                    d.   Webcast Committee
                          - identifies and develops topical webcasts for ISCEBS, 
                          chapter and IFEBP members. [Minutes]
                    e.   Strategic Planning
                          – set strategic goals and monitor short and
                           long term project planning [Minutes]

3.    2023 Governing Council meetings
       A.    May 5-6 – Society Headquarters
       B.   August 6 – Toronto, Ontario (at Symposium)

4.   What's happening in 2023?
      A.    ISCEBS Update    
              State of the Society | Dashboard of Initiatives