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2021 Membership and Chapter
Development Meeting
March 5, 2021
Via Zoom

Meeting ID: 987 6646 8116
Passcode: 126821

Thank you for participating in the Membership and Chapter Development Committee. On this page you will find several informational documents, as well as the documents we will be discussing during the committee meeting.
If you have trouble opening any of these documents, please contact Jennifer Mathe for assistance at 262-373-7683 or

Meeting Agenda

1.   Call to Order

2.   Review of Committee Function Description 

3.   Review of Minutes - February 28, 2020

4.   Updates from IFEBP
       A.   2021 Initiatives
       B.  CEBS Program

5.   State of the Society - Operations Overview & What's New

6.    The COVID-19 Impact, Challenges and Accomplishments
        A.  ISCEBS
        B.  Local chapters
        C.  Engagement discussion

7.   Extending the Value of the Designation - Brainstorming Session
       A.  CEBS Engagement and Expansion
       B.  ISCEBS Fellow - 2020 Exam Overview | Faces of Fellowship

8.     2021 Symposium - Minneapolis, MN - Brainstorming Session
        A. Attendee Experience - FTA Survey | FTA Info Booklet | Final Info Booklet
        B.  Partnership Opportunities

9.     New Business

10.   Old Business
11.   Adjourn