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2022 Professional Development Meeting
April 8, 2022
Brookfield, WI​
Thank you for participating in the Professional Development Committee. On this page you will find several informational documents, as well as the documents we will be discussing during the committee meeting.

If you have trouble opening any of these documents, please contact ISCEBS for assistance at 262-786-8771 or

Meeting Agenda

1.     Call to Order

2.     Function Description

3.     Minutes April 16, 2021

4.     What's New at IFEBP - 2022 Initiatives

5.     Benefits Quarterly       
A.  Editorial and Administrative Report
B.  Topic and Special Sections Discussion and Recommendations 
Q2 Exec Summaries | Q3 TOC | Q3 Prelim Exec Summaries | Past Topics
6.      CEBS Program Update

8.     Symposium Update and Preview

9.     Continuing Education Opportunities Discussion

A.  CEBS Compliance 
      1.  Engaging graduates​, messaging and tools
      2.  Role of ISCEBS 360 virtual event in 2022 and forward

B.  "Gaps" in Professional Benefits Education     
       1. Education Content/Topics
       2.  Delivery Methods

10.     Unfinished Business

11.     New Business

12.     Adjourn