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2017 Strategic Planning Meeting
May 11, 2017
Thank you for participating in the Strategic Planning Committee. On this page you will find several informational documents, as well as the documents we will be discussing during the committee meeting.
If you have trouble opening any of these documents, please contact ISCEBS for assistance at 262-786-8771 or
01.  Call to Order (5 minutes)

02.  Review of Strategic Planning Committee Minutes - May 12, 2016 (10 minutes)
03.  IFEBP/ISCEBS Shared Vision for 2017 and Beyond - Report from Michael Wilson, CEO (30 minutes) 
04.  The New CEBS Program - Today and Beyond (1 hour)

        A.  Feedback/Participation from Key Stakeholder Groups
             (Current Students, CEBS Graduates, Local Chapter Leaders, Employers)
        B.  College/University Opportunities and Identifying New Markets
        C.  New Strategies for Supporting CEBS
06.  Strategic Planning/Dashboard of Initiatives (1.5 hours)

        A.  Membership Viability
             1.  Highlights from 2016 Member Survey Results
             2.  Growth Strategies - Local and National
             3.  Chapter Support - New Initiatives/Resources
        B.  Brainstorming - Future Directions/Initiatives
             1.  Communities - A New Look at Networking
             2.  Leveraging/Expanding Continuing Education
             3.  Innovation/Technology
        C.  Setting Priorities - 2017 and Beyond

07.  Old Business -

08.  New Business

09.  Adjournment
Informational Documents
Committee Memo      
Expense Reimbursement Form    
W-9 form    
ISCEBS Bylaws   
Reference Materials