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ISCEBS Symposium Education Committee

January 9, 2020 - 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Snacks provided
January 10, 2020 - 8:30 a.m.
8:00 a.m. continental breakfast

Conference Room 2049
Chicago, Illinois
Thank you for attending the ISCEBS Symposium Education Committee meeting. On this page you will find several informational documents, as well as the documents we will be discussing during the meeting.

If you have trouble opening any of these documents, please contact ISCEBS for assistance at 262-786-8771 or

Important Details / Meeting Memo


1.  Call to Order

2.  Review of Committee Function Description

3.  Highlights from 2019 Symposium
     Program Report | Overall Evaluation

4.  Education/Session Development

     A.        Retirement Track Proposals
     B.        General Track Proposals
     C.        Health Track Proposals
     D.        Workshops
     E.        Validate Industry Concerns/Responses to Survey
     F.        Keynotes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

5.  Sponsorship Program Update

6.  New Business

7.  Adjournment

Session Proposals

Click on the subtopic to open multiple submissions at once or individually by clicking on the proposal link.



Financial Wellness (FW)

FW1 DeFrain: Why Employee Financial Stress Looks Different Than You Think

FW2 Melero: Financial Wellness: Are Your Hispanic Employees Engaging?

FW3 Modelski: Total Wellbeing, The Next Evolution in DC Plans

FW4 Towarnicky: It’s My Money and I Want It Now: On Demand Pay Apps

FW5 Towarnicky: Sidecar Suboptimal: Adding a Sidecar Savings Account for Emergencies

FW6 Ward/Finn: Tech Touch: The Formula for a Financially Healthier Workforce 

FW8 McGrady: Financial Wellness: Delivering Value by Bringing All the Pieces Together *New*

Retirement Readiness (RR)

RR1 Comberiate: The Biggest Risk of Retiring With DC Plan

RR2 Cooper deNeuze: Retirement Data- Using Data To See Who Is Ready to Retire Or Not

RR3 Kaplan: From Accumulation to Distribution

RR4 Rehfuss/Saito: The Best New Hire You Already Have: Five Tips to Successful Phased Retirement

RR5 Storms/Spector: Retirement Life Planning: Beyond the Financials

RR6 Wernette: Engaged Participants, Retirement Readiness


Plan Administration (PA)

PA1 Holden: Exploring the 401(k) Plan Experience of Millennials and Baby Boomers

PA2 Massa: Mergers & Acquisitions in Retirement Plans

PA3 Mayo: Retirement Plan Fraud: War Stories and Lessons Learned

PA4 Okrasinski: Best Practices for Managing Missing Participants and Uncashed Retirement Checks

PA5 Towarnicky: Optimal Liquidity: Loans and/or Hardship Withdrawals

PA6 Ferguson/MacQuattie: Mitigating Fiduciary Responsibility *New*

Plan Compliance (PC)

PC1 Beaty: 401(k) Fee Litigation Is Moving to Smaller Plans

PC2 Billings: Open MEPs Under the SECURE Act

PC3 Billings: Why You Should Consider Hiring a CEO for Your 401(k) Plan

PC4 Forker: Reducing Fiduciary Risk: Creating Your Get Out of Jail Free Card

PC5 Gallagher/Clark: Proving Prudence and Participant Loyalty: a Plan Committee Defends Itself

PC6 Grieb: Statutory and Regulatory Outlook for Retirement Plans

PC7 Mayo: Retirement Plan Operational Errors: Spotting and Correcting Them

PC8 Staab: Prohibited Transactions and Exemptions

PC9 Comerford: the SECURE Act: Adding an Annuity Option to Your DC Plan

PC10 Mayo: U.S. Benefits Update

Plan Investments (PI)

PI1: Garnitz: Delivering on Retirement Income Management

PI2 Massa: ESG Investing in Retirement Plans

PI3  Sparling: Clarity to the Active vs Passive Debate

PI4 Regan/O’Brien: The Mainstreaming of ESG Investing *New*

PI5 Atherton: Investment Selection and Monitoring – A Fiduciaries Risk Management Necessity *New*

Defined Benefit/Pension Plans (DB)

DB1 Constant: A Look at the Fiscal Health of U.S. Public Pension Plans

DB2 Egelberg: Pension Plans With Adjustable Benefits

DB3 Massa: How Did I Get On the Pension Committee: a Practical Guide to Understanding DB Plans

DB4 Joyner/Scarpa: Retirement Plan Risk Keeps Growing How Do We
Deal With It

DB5 Regan/O’Brien: 2020 Capital Market Developments for Public Retirement Systems *New*



Benefit Communications (BC)

BC1 Grooms/Grooms: Think Outside the Firewall-Getting Your Benefits Off the Intranet and Into the Hands That Need Them

BC2 Von Tungeln/Eshleman: Breaking Into the Zoo: Transforming Benefits Communications

BC3 Schwartz: The More You Buy, the More You Save: Using Behavioral Economics to Understand Why People Make Illogical Benefits Decisions

BC4 Atkinson/Moreno: Moneyball Strategic Framework for Compensation and Benefits *New*

BC5 Monahan: Communicating Benefits *New*

Student Loan Assistance (SLA)

SLA1 D’Allesandro: Student Loan Repayment Program

SLA2 Schwallie: Retirement Benefits for Employees Repaying Student Loans

SLA3 Talka: Loan Repayment Program Can Reduce Turnover

Technology and Cybersecurity (TC)

TC1 Aronowitz: Cybersecurity Best Practices and Risk Management for Employee Benefit Plans

TC2 Joyner/Timmons: Defensive Data Security and Risk Management in Today's Cyber World

TC3 Mandacina: Seize the Upside of Disruption

TC4 Todd: The Cyber Experience: You Decide

TC5 Villalobos: How to Use Robotic Automation to Improve Your Benefits Effectiveness *New*

Workplace Trends (WT)

WT1 Acaster: Generation Why: Rethinking Millennial Engagement

WT2 Card: Be a Disrupter in Benefits and Beyond

WT3 Chan: The Future of Work and Learning is Here, Are You Ready?

WT4 Dinkin: Trends Shaping the Workforce in 2020 and Beyond

WT5 Lesnick: Next Generation Benefits Leadership- Attracting and Retaining 5 Generations

WT6 Lesnick: The Benefits and Adventures of Successfully Navigating Change

WT7 Zoeller Newman: Generations, Inclusion and Engagement: Benefits for a Modern Workforce

WT8 Powell: Engagement Strategies for the Multigenerational Workforce *New*

Global Benefits (GL)

GL1 Koski/Richter: Asian Century: Understanding Benefits, Compensation and Compliance for 60% of the World’s Population

GL2 Koski/Richter: Closing the Blind Spots of Global Benefits and Compensation

GL3 Weltz: Global Companies Have a Duty of Care to Their Expats When Localizing Health Care Coverage

GL4 Puccino/Weinrich: The Doctor is Always In: Telehealth For the Globally Mobile *New*

Other General Topics (OGT)

OGT1 Duncan: Partnerships in Benefits: Propel or Derail

OGT2 Karnath: Unlimited Vacation – You Want to Do What?

OGT3 Leatherwood: 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Tuition Assistance Program

OGT4 Mayo: Employee Benefits in Mergers and Acquisitions

OGT5 Mosteller: Executive Compensation: Where Are We Now?

OGT6 Setzkorn: Integrating STD Absence Programs With State PFML Requirements

OGT7 Solomon: Hot Topics for 2020 and Beyond

OGT8 Zinter/Cicotte: Legal Updates: Changes to Legislation Impacting Employee Benefits

OGT9 Cotti: Can You Be-LEAVE All These Changes? *New*

OGT10 Whiteman: Beyond Family-Friendly: Paid Leave as an I&D Initiative *New*

OGT11 Monahan: Leave Laws and Benefits *New*


Account Plans (AP)

AP1 Black: Improving HSA Engagement

AP2 Gilmore: ICHRAs in Year One, Has the Health Plan 401(k) Arrived?

AP3 Spangher: Game Changers : The Power of Account Plans

AP4 Borden/Galvin: HSA 2.0

AP5 Sieger: HRA QSEHRA ICHRA EBHRA: What Who When and Why *New*

AP6 Sieger: Top 10 Ways to Avoid HSA Headaches When
Implementing HSAs

Health Care Costs (HC)

HC1 Blair/West: Healthcare Ate My 401(k) Contribution, Part II

HC2 Blizzard: Crossroads of Value and Cost

HC3 Brice: Hurry Up and Wait for Value Based Care

HC4 Delaney/Barnhart: Indiana’s Journey Back to Health: Fiscal and Physical

HC5 Haraden: Identifying and Controlling Risk in an Employee Benefits Program

HC6 Loar: Reducing Costs and Improving Outcomes With Mobile Apps

HC7 Lovekamp: The True Cost of Convenience

HC8 Matthews/Schorsch: Redefining Quality and Value for Hospital Services

HC9 Nienhuis: Complex Care and Centers of Excellence: Helping Employers Cap Costs and Improve Care

HC10 Reiman: Reference Based Pricing: Myths and Realities

HC11 Sokol: Timing is Everything: Study Shows Early Intervention Promotes Higher Consumer Engagement and Lowers Healthcare Costs

HC12 McCreedy: Crucialist Value-Based Emergency Care

HC13 Hames: Innovation Explosion *New*

HC14 Parmenter/Jones: Using Technology to Lower Health Benefit Cost
and Drive Engagement in Effective Clinical Programs

Mental Health (MH)

MH1 Bahn: Going Beyond the Physical: Rethinking Voluntary Benefits to Include Mental Health

MH2 Broski: Mental Health, It Matters, Plan Sponsors Have a Key Role to Play

MH3 Hines: Addressing Teacher Stress to Increase Retention and Productivity

MH4 Knoop: Mental Health as Corporate Imperative

Plan Design and Compliance (DC)

DC1 Allen: ACA, Where We Have Been, Where We Are Now and What’s Coming?

DC2 Kirschbaum: Direct Contracting: Benefits and Potential Pitfalls

DC3 Mendel: Drafting Group Health Plan SPDs

DC4 Silver-Malyska/Sheffield: Benefits Boot Camp

DC5 Silver-Malyska/Sheffield: Vaping is the New Smoking: Compliance Concerns

DC6 Taylor: Valued Information on ERISA Reporting with the New Health and Welfare Form 5500s

DC7 Sieger: COBRA Pitfalls: Navigating Consequences and Solutions to COBRA Mistakes *New*

DC8 Marcott/Davis: Your Health Plan Says It Provides A Benefit, But
Does It? Monitoring, Enforcing and Negotiating with Your
Network Teams

Stop Loss (SL)

SL1 Hoffman: Self-Funding – Stop Loss Contracts, Underwriting and Risk Transfer for Partially Self-Funded Plans

SL2 Kolli: Risk Management and Alternative Risk Financing Strategies for Self-Insured Employers

SL3 McNeill: What You Don’t Know About Stop-Loss Can Bankrupt Your Client and Ruin Your Career

Wellness (W)

W1 Britton: Data Driven Workplace Wellbeing

W2 Delaney/McMichael: Finding the Why, Providing the Resources

W3 Silver-Malyska/Sheffield: Workplace Wellbeing Update

W4 Spangher: Do You Only Have a Wellness Program?

W5 Derrick/Brockman: Best Practices of Workplace Wellness and Employee Engagement in Government *New*

W6 Singh: Evidence of Population Level Approach That Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk *New*

W7 Paralkar/Sangha: Chronic Conditions in Diverse Workplaces: Engagement Challenges and Impactful Solutions *New*

Other Health Topics (OHT)

OHT1 Covert/Ohm: Important Elements to Setting Up an Onsite Health Center

OHT2 Granitz: Improving Employee Health With an Onsite Health Center

OHT3 Nienhuis: Getting It Right: How Contracting Directly With Health Care Providers Impacts Your Employees' Wellbeing

OHT4 Schmidt: Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Managing Chronic Pain

OHT5 Tantillo: The Future of Employer-Sponsored Post-Employment Benefits in the U.S.

OHT6 Vincent: Cybersecurity, ID Theft and Health Care Fraud

OHT7 Jacobs: Four Challenges to the Structure of Health Care Today

OHT8 McGee/Barlow: Why Not Medicare For All? *New*

OHT9 Shaman: Evaluating The Benefits of a Pharmacogenomics-Guided Medication Therapy Management Program *New*