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Executive Summaries for 2015

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1st Quarter 2015

Total Transformation: How ACA Is Driving Changes in the Provider Landscape
by Michael Taylor, Aon Hewitt and Ron Calhoun, Aon Hewitt
Looking Under the Hood— Top Five Open Issues for the Cadillac Tax
by Richard Stover, Buck Consultants at Xerox and Leslye Laderman, Buck Consultants at Xerox
The Benefit Aftereffects of ACA—Accelerating Toward a New Health Economy
by Greg Mansur, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Michael Thompson, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Workforce Health— The Transition From Cost to Outcomes to Business Performance
by Thomas Parry, Ph.D., Integrated Benefits Institute and Bruce Sherman, M.D., Employers Health Coalition, Inc.
ACA and the Triple Aim: Musings of a Health Care Actuary
by Mac McCarthy, McCarthy Actuarial Consulting
Dust Off the Historical Approach to Total Compensation
by Elliot N. Dinkin, Cowden Associates, Inc.
Employer Reactions to the Affordable Care Act
by Leslie A. Muller, Ph.D., Grand Valley State University, Paul Isely, Ph.D., Grand Valley State University and Adelin Levin, Grand Valley State University

2nd Quarter 2015

Strategies to Help Defined Contribution Plan Participants Improve Financial Wellness and Achieve a Secure Retirement
by Thomas V. Burke, Buck Consultants at Xerox and Theodore A. Goldman, Buck Consultants at Xerox
Moving the Needle in Employee Retirement Wellness
by Liz Davidson, Financial Finesse
Impact of Long-Term Care on Retirement Wellness
by Anna M. Rappaport, Anna Rappaport Consulting

3rd Quarter 2015

Looking Past Due Diligence for Benefit Plans in Mergers and Acquisitions
by Mary L. Komornicka, CEBS, Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd.
Is Your Plan Ready for a DOL Audit?
by Mary B. Andersen, CEBS, ERISAdiagnostics, Inc.
Leading Into the Next Frontier
by Lorraine Stomski, Ph.D., Aon Hewitt and Jessie Leisten, Aon Hewitt
Accountable Care Organizations: The Missing Link to Engagement in Health and Health Care?
by Steven L. Halterman, CEBS, Buck Consultants at Xerox and Melinda S. Balezentis, Ph.D., Buck Consultants at Xerox
Saving for Retirement? I Just Want to Get Through the Month
by Lori Block, Buck Consultants at Xerox and Ted Goldman, Buck Consultants at Xerox
The Economics of Pension Coverage Policy: An Analysis of myRAs
by John A. Turner, Ph.D., Pension Policy Center and Bruce W. Klein, Ph.D., Pension Policy Center

4th Quarter 2015

Restructuring Employee Benefits to Meet Health Care Needs in Retirement
by Richard M. Ward, TIAA-CREF and Robert B. Weinman, CEBS, TIAA-CREF
Health Care Consumerism: Lessons My 401(k) Plan Taught Me
by Allen T. Steinberg, Law Offices of Allen T. Steinberg

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