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2010 Surveys


Focus Shifts to Retirement Readiness: 10th Annual 401(k) Benchmarking Survey Findings 

As the dust continues to settle from the economic upheaval of the past two years, survey respondents include participant retirement readiness among their top concerns.  Conducted by Deloitte, ISCEBS and the International Foundation, the survey highlights not only current and continuing trends in 401(k) plans, but how those trends have evolved over the last decade. Read Survey Findings | Press Release (01/04/11)


Health Care Reform and the Advent of Unlimited Lifetime Maximums: ISCEBS/Aegis Risk

This year’s survey was completed in the wake of health care reform and its removal of individual lifetime maximums – which significantly alters the underlying risk covered by medical stop loss. Although stop loss is not mandated to offer unlimited coverage, the risk is created, and according to this year’s survey, 79% of respondents intend to review its coverage – with 44% of those stating its requirement. In comparison, only 8% reported an unlimited stop loss maximum in pre-reform 2009. With initial premium loads of as high as 20%+, employers actually selecting this additional coverage may vary in the end.

To assist plan sponsors, ISCEBS has for the fourth year partnered with Aegis Risk to produce this annual survey. Read the full summary here.

Health Care Reform - What Employers Are Considering: Survey Findings

In May 2010, the International Foundation conducted a survey of employers in order to determine how they are reacting to the changes brought about by the new health care reform legislation and the strategies being considered.

What actions are organizations likely to take and in what time period? Are they apt to implement changes to eligibility before they are required by law to do so? The survey offers benchmarks of how employers are responding to a host of health care reform challenges with particular emphasis on immediate considerations and approaches for complying with the new law. It also looks at employer reactions to dependent eligibility, retiree coverage, high-deductible health plans and other health care reform provisions.

Press Release | Full Survey Findings

ISCEBS/Deloitte Top 5 Total Rewards Priorities Survey Results

Total Rewards priority survey results show employees take action to curb concerns over financial and job security – Deloitte/ISCEBS 16th Annual Top Five Survey

New research reveals employees, motivated by concerns related to money and job security, are taking action to get their financial houses in order while increasingly participating in wellness and disease management programs.  At the same time, faced with rising health care costs year after year, employers are stepping up emphasis on disease management and wellness programs designed to reduce costs.

This alignment of interests between employer and employee is the strongest in Deloitte’s survey series to date and points to a shared focus on health, responsibility, and cost reduction – that could benefit both in the long-term. 

Press Release | Full survey findings

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