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2013 Surveys


Medical Stop Loss Premium Survey Findings - Average Stop Loss Premium is Elusive but Measureable

This year’s Survey, cosponsored with the ISCEBS for its seventh year, further reflects the impact of catastrophic claimants, renewal lasering and other risk management strategies on the stop loss purchasing decision. In the post-health care reform environment and unlimited liability on the underlying health plan, stop loss coverage has fully reflected that transition, where an unlimited lifetime maximum is now found on 97% of all plans. In 2010, it was present in only 13% of plans. The full survey findings include the survey's primary focus of current premium rates. (8/28/13)


Benefits for Same-Sex Couples: Impact of the DOMA Decision

On June 26, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court issued U.S. v. Windsor, a landmark decision regarding same-sex marriage. About one month after the decision (August 6, 2013), the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans administered a survey to measure organizations’ reactions to the DOMA ruling. The survey found the majority of organizations, 77.1 percent reacted positively to the DOMA ruling, however two-thirds (66 percent) still needed further clarification and guidance on the ruling’s complete impact before making major changes to their employee benefits and policies. The full survey findings outline what organizations are doing or plan to do as further guidance unfolds. (9/3/13)

ACA's Cost Impact: Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

This survey explores the financial impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on single employer plans. Completed responses were received from 728 individuals representing single employer plans (including corporations). The vast majority (676 or 92.9%) of those respondents represented employers currently offering health care benefits to employees who work more than 30 hours per week. Findings center on, among other things,the cost impact of ACA, the costliest ACA requirements in 2013 and beyond, and employer plans for dealing with increased costs.  [Read more]


2013 Employer-Sponsored Health Care: ACA's Impact - Survey Results

The International Foundation has released its fourth survey in a series on how single employer plans are being affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The vast majority (69%) of organizations say they plan to continue providing coverage when exchanges open in 2014, primarily to retain and attract talented employees. That percentage is up from 2012, when 46% of organizations definitely planned to continue coverage. [Read more]

Survey Findings: Despite record high 401(k) balances, most employers believe employees will not be financially prepared for retirement

The results of the Annual 401(k) Benchmarking Survey (sponsored by Deloitte, ISCEBS and IFEBP) reveals employees’ retirement readiness remains a top priority for a majority (78 percent) of 401(k) plan sponsors. However, despite reported 401(k) balances at an all-time high, scarcely 1 out of 10 plan sponsors (12 percent) are confident in their participants’ financial ability to retire. The solution? More education. The findings show a third (32 percent) of plan sponsors are conducting retirement readiness assessments, a 7 percent increase over 2011, and 88 percent believe enhancements to their existing education strategies will help participants pave their road to retirement.Read the full survey results, including how options like automatic enrollment, 401(k) features and individual counseling have affected these trends. (5/2/13) Press release | Full Survey Findings


Survey Findings: Rewarding Talent is a Global Concern: Attraction, Motivation and Retention Tops Priority List of Global Employers
Despite stubbornly high unemployment, HR professionals around the globe have continued concerns about attracting and retaining top talent. This talent paradox, combined with the dynamics of four distinct generations in the global workforce, point to the need for more effective and adaptable talent strategies and rewards programs.

Conducted globally for the first time in its 19th year, the 2013 Top Five Global Employer Rewards Priorities Survey, conducted jointly by Deloitte, IFEBP and ISCEBS, consistently points to talent concerns as a top priority from respondents from 27 countries in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Among U.S. respondents, two-thirds ranked their ability to afford retirement as their top concern. Other findings examine generational concerns, job security and remaining competitive. News release | Full survey findings

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