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​2017 Surveys

Flexible Work Arrangements - 2017 Survey Results

The International Foundation survey Flexible Work Arrangements: 2017 Survey Results revealed 94% of U.S. organizations provide some type of flexible work arrangement. Organizations offer these arrangements to create work-life balance for workers, enhance employee morale, and attract a talented workforce. [Read more] (11/2/17)

Aegis Risk Medical Stop-Loss Premium Survey Results

This year's survey reflects the ongoing prominence of medical stop-loss and a continued commitment to employer-sponsored, self-funded health plans. The occurrence of truly catastrophic claimants - in excess of $1 million - is further verified with over 21% of respondents reporting such a claimant in the last two policy years. Stop-loss remains the primary focus of risk management, with interest in private exchanges or captive arrangements not exceeding 10% of respondents. [Read more] (9/25/17)

Paid Leave in the Workplace: 2017 Survey Results

The International Foundation report Paid Leave in the Workplace: 2017 Survey Results addresses the current status and approach of organizational paid leave policies, including paid holidays, paid-time-off (PTO) plans, paid vacation, sick leave, bereavement leave, parental leave and sabbaticals. The report provides a deep-dive into the details of paid leave at corporate and public employers—offering data on the number of days offered, minimum service requirements needed, and the different policies for hourly and salaried workers. [Read more] (9/13/17)

Employer Pulse Check: The Future of ACA

As the Affordable Care Act replacement morphed into the American Health Care Act and now the Better Care Reconciliation Act, access to health care could be changing and employers are reacting to possible workplace impacts. In July 2017, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans surveyed employers from across the country and found 71% would not like to see ACA repealed entirely. The report, Employer Pulse Check: The Future of ACA, examines employers' support/opposition for 25 current and proposed health care provisions. [Read more(7/11/17)

Workplace Wellness Trends 2017 - Survey Findings

Employers are trading ROI numbers for the prevalence of worker health and well-being when it comes to workplace wellness programs. Continued increases in productivity and decreases in absenteeism strengthen the case for workplace programs, according to findings in the Workplace Wellness 2017 Survey Report. [View Survey Results] (6/5/17)