​​2018 Surveys

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits: 2018 Results

The International Foundation survey Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits: 2018 Results report examines the current state of mental health and substance abuse in the workplace and how employers are taking action. [Read more] (10/22/18)

2018 Aegis Risk Stop Loss Survey

This year's survey, its twelfth year, reflects the ongoing prominence of medical stop-loss and a continued commitment to employer-sponsored, self-funded health plans. Its measurement of current premium rates, as shown on the survey’s graphs and tables, represents 512 plan sponsors covering over 800,000 employees with $344 million in annual stop-loss premium. The occurrence of truly catastrophic claimants - in excess of $1 million - is further verified with over 30% of respondents reporting such a claimant in the last two policy years. [Read more] (9/12/18)

Employee Benefits Survey: 2018 Results

The International Foundation survey Employee Benefits Survey - 2018 Results revealed employee benefits remain a critical part of the relationship between employers and workers. In addition to serving as an important financial safety net, benefits acts as a recruitment and retention tool. Benefits represent a significant percentage of total employee compensation, as much as 60% in some organizations. [Read more] (9/11/18)