​​​2019 Surveys

Workplace Wellness Trends

U.S. and Canadian organizations are spending more on health care as both demand and cost continue to rise. As a result, more and more organizations turn to workplace wellness programs, both to improve worker well-being and to reduce health care expenditures. [Read more]

2019 Aegis Risk Medical Stop-Loss Premium Survey

This year's survey, its 13th year, reflects the increasing role of medical stop-loss and a continued commitment to employer-sponsored, self-funded health plans. The occurrence of truly catastrophic claimants is further verified with 31% of respondents reporting such a claimant in the last two policy years. Stop-loss remains the primary focus of risk management, the 71% of respondents sharing no interest in alternate approaches. [Read more

Education Benefits Survey

Record high college tuition paired with a tight labor market has caused employers across the U.S. to take a closer look at their education benefit offerings. From long-standing benefits like tuition reimbursement to emerging trends like student loan repayment, organizations are investing in education to help attract and retain employees. [Read more]