ISCEBS Gold Member

ISCEBS Gold Membership

ISCEBS Gold membership doubles your professional recognition.

CEBS designees are considered the “gold standard” among benefits professionals, and with the ongoing professional learning required to keep your knowledge current, you’re constantly polishing your skills. As a Society member, you’re already aligned with the industry’s best people, knowledge and resources.

If you’re CEBS Compliant and an ISCEBS member, it means you bring serious clout to any benefits-related discussion.

You already represent the best of the employee benefits profession. Here’s your chance to show it off.


What is ISCEBS Gold Membership?
Gold status membership combines CEBS Compliance (what you know) with ISCEBS membership (who you know) as a powerful demonstration of your benefits knowledge and resources.

What is CEBS Compliance?
CEBS Compliance is defined as earning and reporting 30 hours of eligible continuing professional education activities over two calendar years. Complete details are available at

Who is eligible for gold status?
Gold status membership is open to individuals who are members of ISCEBS and CEBS Compliant through 2023 or later.

How can I show off my ISCEBS Gold status?
Those qualifying for ISCEBS Gold member status are eligible for a special digital badge to help you publicize this combined status.

What is a digital badge?
A digital badge is a visual and clickable online symbol of your accomplishments, portable and shareable across all your online platforms. After claiming your badge, you can use it in your e-mail signature, on social media profiles and on websites. Anyone who clicks on the badge will be taken to a site with more information about CEBS Compliance and ISCEBS. Visit to learn more.

What is the cost?
There is no additional cost to you beyond existing ISCEBS membership dues.

I’m a Society member, and I’ve entered some credits, but I’m not sure of my CEBS Compliance date, how can I check?
The fastest way to determine your “Compliant-Through” date is to search for your name on the complete list of compliant graduates here, listed by country and alphabetically by state or province. While you’re there, it’s a good opportunity to visit your compliance profile at to make sure that you’re caught up with your reporting!

Why should I get gold status?
In a dynamic and fast-paced industry, you already know the value of current knowledge and affiliation with your professional peers. ISCEBS Gold membership demonstrates to your colleagues, clients and other stakeholders your achievement and commitment to professional excellence.

How is it different from standard Society or Foundation membership?
ISCEBS Gold status is an additional level of recognition coupled with current ISCEBS membership and CEBS Compliant status. All membership benefits currently associated with Society membership are unchanged. Membership in the International Foundation is unchanged.

What if I’m not CEBS Compliant?
CEBS Compliance is open to any graduate of any year, and it’s never too late to start. As you complete professional development activities throughout 2023, be sure to report them right away. Once you reach the 30 credit mark, you’ll be considered CEBS Compliant.

Will I lose my CEBS if I’m not compliant, or if I don’t join the Society?
No, once you earn the CEBS designation, you cannot lose it. CEBS Compliance and ISCEBS gold status are each additional levels of recognition for those who opt to participate.

Can I retain my standard ISCEBS membership without the gold status?
Yes. Standard Society membership remains open to all CEBS graduates and students.

Does this replace other digital badges currently available?
No. All other digital badges remain available. You are welcome to use any badges or combination of badges that you have earned.

Count me in! How do I do it?
The gold status digital badges are available now, so watch your email and for more details. If you haven’t already, you can create your free Credly account here. Claim any badges you’ve already earned!

How do I publicize it?
You can share your badge directly from the Credly Platform to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; over email; embedded in a website or in your email signature.

Where can I learn more?
Complete details on CEBS Compliance are available at Get the full scoop on Society membership and join or renew today!